The work undertaken on taxidermy orders is subjected to the following conditions:

  • Processing of fully processed orders will only commence on receipt of a 50% deposit. If a deposit is not received within 6 months, the trophies will be disposed of after a notification letter.
  • We reserve the right to dispose of your trophies if payment has not been received within 6 months.
  • Full payment of orders will be required within 3 months after sending a final invoice. Safari Taxidermy reserves the right to sell any trophy which is not paid in full.
  • Full payment is required on all Dip & Pack orders.
  • We reserve the right to change our totals in the event of further costs being incurred.
  • No items will be released until paid in full.
  • Please note that payment serves as confirmation that you are satisfied with the outlay of your order.
  • The responsibility lies with the client to ensure that all the information on his order is correct.
  • Safari Taxidermy is not liable for any defect which may occur as a result of poor field preparation.
  • The client acknowledges that once his trophies are received/brought in by his Outfitter, Safari Taxidermy is not liable for any damages, whether actual or consequential, due to fire, theft, negligence by the factory staff, or third parties nor for any damages caused by bacterial contamination or any other causes such as political riots or acts of nature.
  • Please note that all tanning of skins is sub-contracted to a Professional tannery. We, therefore, accept no claims arising from damage to skins.
  • Proof that trophies were legally acquired must be available.