Expert Wildlife Taxidermy Services

At Safari Taxidermy you will experience prompt, friendly service with excellent correspondence. Your prized trophies will be meticulously checked, tagged, and identified upon arrival with each client receiving their own unique order number ensuring that your trophies are well identified as yours. We have several checking points in place to ensure that your trophies arrive at their final destination in immaculate condition. We will be in contact with you to finalize your taxidermy order, soon after your trophies have been checked into our system. Our team will be in contact with you throughout the process assisting you with all enquiries and status updates of your orders.

Whether you opt for any of the following Taxidermy work to be done to your trophies, we will take great care in preserving your most memorable experience and bringing it to life. Our specialized mounting services include shoulder mounts, wall mounts, skull mounts, pedestal mounts, half mounts and full mounts. Further preserve your hunting memories by having some skins tanned into fur or leather. We could also suggest having items made such as gunbags, travel bags, wallets, handbags, belts etc. Elevate your living space with our custom-made furniture and decor crafted from various animal parts. From ottomans with animal legs to lamp stands made from animal feet (and many more). Each creation reflects the elegance of the wildlife world.

An in-house look at our showroom can also be arranged with your Outfitter, where you will be able to see exactly what you will get should you choose to make use of our mounting services.

Explore the fascinating world of skull art, where our talented artists transform animal skulls into stunning and unique art pieces. Each creation preserves the beauty and intricacy of the animal, while adding an artistic touch to your decor. Safari Taxidermy also create lifelike and immersive displays for combined mounts. We offer high-quality replicas - please contact us for more information on these type of mounts.

If you have your own Taxidermist that will be mounting your trophies back home, choose our trophy preparation service with the Dip and Pack option. We clean skulls and dip skins for export, adhering to international veterinary regulations. Your trophies will be expertly preserved for their journey back home.

As Official Safari Club International (SCI) and Rowland Ward measurers, we guarantee accurate measurements for clients that request trophies to be measured. Upon completion of your order, you will receive a final invoice. Our skilled team will securely pack your trophies in custom-made wooden crate/s, complying with International wood packaging standards. Remember to ask if you require photos of your processed trophies prior to packaging. We will apply for your export permits ahead of time, provided that we have received all the hunting documentation from your Outfitter. Make sure to provide your Outfitter with your physical/residential address as well as a copy of your passport.

We'll make arrangements with our shipping agent to collect your consignment. Export documentation will be prepared accurately to facilitate delivery. The shipping company will be in contact with you regarding the furtherance of your shipment, once they have your trophy shipment booked into their in-house system.

Hoping you will allow us the privilege in making your African experience a full circle!!