General Information

Incoming Trophies

Safari Taxidermy guarantees prompt, friendly service together with excellent correspondence from our offices. We will make arrangements with your Hunting Outfitter to collect your trophies or have them delivered to our premises. After we receive your hunting trophies it will be checked and tagged immediately to be easily identifiable, because we know how important your trophies are to you. You can rest assured that we have measures in place to ensure that at the end of the process you receive your own prized trophies.

A trophy list confirming your instructions will be forwarded to you as soon as we have your order finalized on our system. Each hunter and client has his own needs and preferences so be assured that all your enquiries will be dealt with thoroughly and individually.

For your information we offer a quick explanation of Dip and Pack option vs. Mounting option: Dip and pack:
• The trophy is treated and prepared to ensure that it is safe to export back home in its raw state to enable your taxidermist to create a finished product.

• The trophy is mounted according to your specific instructions and the completed trophy is exported back home in its final form ready for display.

Please also note that postures for mounts are always seen from the animal’s perspective.

A deposit of 50% of mounting costs will be applicable on all taxidermy orders prior to proceeding – full payment details will be provided when sending out your trophy list.

The processing period for mounted trophies can vary from 8 - 10 months, taken from the date of receiving final instructions as well as your 50% deposit to the date of crating, with an account following soon after. The processing period for dipped trophies (all skulls have to be subjected to a partial bleach, according to International Veterinary Regulations) will be 3 months, taken from the date of receipt to the date of crating. Rest assured that every trophy is double checked before finally crated.

Measuring Trophies for Rowland Ward and SCI

As official Safari Club International (SCI) and Rowland Ward measurers we can measure your prized trophies on request. Assurance can be giving to all trophy owners that all measurements are done by the Taxidermist in his personal capacity.


Our crates are made from very high quality wood and complies with the International Standards for regulating wood packaging material. Each and every crate is custom build on site by Safari Taxidermy’s crating team to ensure that your trophies are packed securely to keep them intact and safe during the journey to their respective destinations.

Guidelines for exporting trophies

The following required documentation needs to be handed in for the issuing of the clients Export permit, failure to do so can delay the issuing of the permits:

• A fully completed and signed copy of the PH Register.
• Permission to hunt letter from the land owner to the client/hunter.
• Valid Exemption Permit (P3) from landowner signed by the landowner.
• Original Cites Hunting Permit (If applicable)
• Original TOPS Hunting Permit (If applicable)
• Original Hunting Permit (If applicable)

Please ensure that you have your own set of documentation after your hunt is complete, as strict U.S. laws prohibits more than one hunter’s trophies on the same export documentation or to be packed in the same crate.

It is very important that we have your physical address to enable us to apply for the export permit. Should the address where you would like your trophies to be delivered differ, please ensure that we also receive your forwarding address.

Your export permit application/s will be submitted to the Provincial Nature Conservation Departments a few weeks prior to crating. Due process has to be followed for the export permits to be issued.

When your consignment is ready it will be collected by our preferred shipping agent, or any other agent of your choice, on receipt of your final payment, as well as export permits issued by the Authorities. We also prepare your export documentation accurately to facilitate ease of delivery.

The shipping company will be in contact with you regarding the furtherance of your shipment once they have your shipment on hand. They will also forward you the final freight details, which need to be paid into their account.

You are most welcome to contact us directly should you have any further taxidermy related enquiries.

Guidelines for importing trophies from neighbouring African countries and other parts of the world

We import trophies from our neighbouring countries as well as other parts in the world on a regular basis. Copies of all valid export documentation, i.e. Veterinary, Nature Conservation permits for plains game and CITES permits for endangered species, need to be e-mailed to us as soon as it becomes available. These documents must be made out to: Client, c/o Safari Taxidermy, 47 Goud Street, Laboria, Polokwane 0699, South Africa.

On receipt of the above-mentioned copies, we will immediately apply for the import documentation.

We will arrange for your trophies to be imported safely to South Africa, once our Authorities have issued the import documentation. Please just take note that this is a lengthy process but we can assure you of our full attention and thorough follow-up in this regard.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: The consignment should under no circumstances be dispatched, until we have forwarded copies of the import documentation to the exporters. Shipments arriving before all valid documentation has been issued, are liable to be confiscated.